High End absorber plate „The Silent BASE“ with LOOP technology (for absorption of unwanted resonances).

„The Silent BASE“ is  the appropriate equipment base (absorber plate) for our Silent BASE HiFi-Racks - but it naturally can be used alone, e.g.. to acoustically decouple a record player. It is available - like our Racks - in 3 different variants erhältlich (maple, piano white, piano black).

Since all components are Made in Germany stammen, almost every kind of custom build is possible in consultation with us.

Thickness:        19 mm
Dimensions:     width 525 mm x depth 400 mm

Available in the colors: „maple“, „piano white“ or „piano black“

200000200 | Silent BASE SAB1 absorber plate maple
200000220 | Silent BASE SLB1 absorber plate piano black
200000222 | Silent BASE SLB1 absorber plate piano white