Formerly the TOP OF THE LINE AC-cable of the Ag-Series - only surpassed by our new AC 77/88 Ag cables.

Maximum speed, spaciousness and precision instantaneously captivate every single listener. Only premium-quality conductor materials, an extraordinary development work in conjunction with an optimized conductor geometry are enabling us to produce this absolute high-end power cord with its beautifully modulated top class sound.

The matching socket for this cable is our Silent Socket Reference.

550005010 | AC50 Ag Powercord  | 1.0 m
550005015 | AC50 Ag Powercord  | 1.5 m
550005020 | AC50 Ag Powercord  | 2.0 m
550005025 | AC50 Ag Powercord  | 2.5 m

Fitted with the SERIES 38 AC plug.