The AC Reference mk4 is consisting of 9 silver-coated inner leads made of oxygen free copper applying spacer technology - so we are achieving an 80% air gap as dielectric around the lead. The Reference series’ inner leads are polished 7 times.

This results in a more dynamic response and better resolution of fine detail that may only be surpassed by our SERIES AC Imperial.

201034163 | AC Reference mk4 Powercord  | 1.0 m
201034163 | AC Reference mk4 Powercord  | 1.5 m
201034164 | AC Reference mk4 Powercord  | 2.0 m
201034165 | AC Reference mk4 Powercord  | 2.5 m

Fitted with Furutech® FI-50 (R) plugs.

Press commentaries:

stereo logo   STEREO 4/07

"Also the powercord of this series, the AC Reference - equipped with its Furutech plugs, must not fear any comparision!"