Our NF8 mk2 takes you straight to the centre of the world of high-end interonnects. The NF8 mk2 ist made with silver-plated 7N OF copper. The SERIES 38 RCA plug, is just about good enough for the NF8 mk2. Its airpermeable screening gives this cable its dynamic sound an its richness in detail.

800021064 | NF8 mk2, RCA  | 0.6 m
800021084 | NF8 mk2, RCA  | 0.8 m
800021104 | NF8 mk2, RCA  | 1.0 m
800025065 | NF8 mk2, XLR  | 0.6 m
800025085 | NF8 mk2, XLR  | 0.8 m
800025105 | NF8 mk2, XLR  | 1.0 m

Equipped with SERIES 38 RCA plug or Neutrik XLR plug.
WBT 0110 Cu or WBT 0110 Ag are available at an additional charge.

Press commentaries:

stereo logo STEREO 5/2007 - Kabelset NF 8, AC 8 und LS 8

"Charming – fluffy and full middle-tones with gentle, but radiant highs. If one had to name a prominent quality of this set from Silent Wire, it would be the inner tonal coherence without artificiality."

STEREO 05-2009 STEREO 5/2009 - Profiklasse !

"…sound-wise this interconnect cable pleases with its sleekness and neutrality. The heightened spaciousness in all dimensions is a certain sign of sophisticated cables."