Herein Silent WIRE applies 8 hollow-conductors and a fluoropolymer wound into a cable using a proprietary technology combined with the highest grade of silver-coated OF copper made in Germany. The outer coating is made of PUR and is covered with a black fabric hose. A masterpiece for eternity. Owning a Reference mk4 cable has gotten you to the epitome of sound quality. All you need to do now, is to relax and enjoy listening.

201021060 | NF Reference mk4, RCA  | 0.6 m
201021080 | NF Reference mk4, RCA  | 0.8 m
201021100 | NF Reference mk4, RCA  | 1.0 m
201021061 | NF Reference mk4, XLR  | 0.6 m
201021081 | NF Reference mk4, XLR  | 0.8 m
201021101 | NF Reference mk4, XLR  | 1.0 m

Terminated with WBT 0152 Ag RCA or Furutech® FP601 R XLR.

Press commentaries:

image hifi weiss  Image hifi  5/07 - hifi tunes „The cable book“

"More spaciousness, better diversification, stronger three-dimensional unfolding - and, yup, also more 'air' around the instruments. Yes, Sir!, that's the way it should be, that's pure High-End - the full load without undesirable side effects." - Cai Brockmann-

stereo logo  STEREO 4/07
"The NF 2 Reference from Silent Wire without a doubt ranks among the best cables known by STEREO."      -Tom Frantzen -

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz STEREO 11/07
"Without a question, Silent Wire´s Top-class is a member of STEREO's 'Heaven´s Gate' class".