Ici Silent WIRE travaille avec trois veines en synthétique fluoré et en cuivre OF argenté. Le NF 16 Cu tend vers une certaine transparence naturelle qui vous donne l’impression de pouvoir contempler les musiciens » en live« dans la salle d’audition. Confectionné avec les prises Cinch de la SÉRIE 38.

160021064 | NF 16 Cu, Cinch  | 0,6 m
160021084 | NF 16 Cu, Cinch  | 0,8 m
160021104 | NF 16 Cu, Cinch  | 1,0 m
160025065 | NF 16 Cu, XLR  | 0,6 m
160025085 | NF 16 Cu, XLR  | 0,8 m
160025105 | NF 16 Cu, XLR  | 1,0 m

160022064 | NF 16 Cu, Cinch avec conducteur de masse  | 0,6 m
160022084 | NF 16 Cu, Cinch avec conducteur de masse  | 0,8 m
160022104 | NF 16 Cu, Cinch avec conducteur de masse  | 1,0 m

Confectionné avec les prises Cinch de la SÉRIE 38 ou Neutrik XLR.
Disponible avec WBT 0110 Cu ou WBT 0110 Ag.

Phonocable disponible avec prise SME supplément.

Revue de presse:

audio AUDIO 11/2019 - NF16 Cu
"Dieses Cinch-Kabel harmonisiert. Böse Player werden an die Kandare genommen, fade Vollverstärker befeuert. Wirklich ein sehr ausgewogenes Erlebnis ... Die Verarbeitung ist edel, die Kontakte sind es ebenso ... Dazu kommt das Versprechen einer durchgehenden Fertigung in Deutschland. Herz, was wills Du mehr?"  Andreas Günther

Audio 11 2019 NF 16Cu steckbrief

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz STEREO 11/2015 - Silent WIRE NF 16 mk2 cable Phono 

"Top solution ! Absolutely „striking effect“! Immediately after we plugged this cable in the sound spectrum was widened again, the choir seemed to take deeper breaths with this cable. The tonal performance once again made a huge leap forward with the impressive Silent WIRE NF 16 mk2."

image hifi  image hifi 6/2013 - mk2

"... there are no worlds between the NF 16 mk2 and NF 32 mk2 - pricewise as well as soundwise. So it is quite right for connecting a preamp- with an amp. With a classy cable system from Silent WIRE you will get an almost priceless pleasure gain."

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz STEREO 11/2006

"The Series 16 has beaten the 1000 Euro Kimber Select  KS-1030 by far - it sounded more open, natural and bigger. The difference to other cables within the same price range is quite large, so large in fact, they practically get lost. The NF 16 is the really special tip in this test."

stereo logo  STEREO 5/2007 - cable set NF 16, AC 16 and LS 16

"Silent WIRE's LS 16 clarifies that it makes sense to look over the rim of a tea cup with regard to cables. Dimension, charisma, expression and precision were audibly improved. The other test candidates weren't able to reach the same level. And that's a fact, dear readers, without a matter of taste."

lp    LP 3/2013 - NF 16 mk2

"The leap over to the NF16 mk2 was more evident: it offers a much finer resolution in treble, works details out better and generally puts the music in front of a subjectively 'blacker' background. In short: It offer much more contrast and dynamics. With the NF 16 you can get really happy with its vividness and joy of playing. Every Silent WIRE is is a real go-to in its respective price range."