Le câble pour hauts parleurs SÉRIE 12 Cu est le petit frère du SÉRIE 16 Cu. Il est confectionné avec la SÉRIE16 Cu prises bananes creuses ou cosses de câble. Dans ce câble on utilise 12 brins individuels solid-core avec chacun un diamètre de 0,5 mm².

120011219 | LS 12 Cu, noir, 12 x 0,5 mm², SingleWire ou BiWire  | 2 x 1,0 m
120011229 | LS 12 Cu, noir, 12 x 0,5 mm², SingleWire ou BiWire  | 2 x 2,0 m
120011239 | LS 12 Cu, noir, 12 x 0,5 mm², SingleWire ou BiWire  | 2 x 3,0 m
120011249 | LS 12 Cu, noir, 12 x 0,5 mm², SingleWire ou BiWire  | 2 x 4,0 m
120011500 | LS 12 Cu, noir, 12 x 0,5 mm², SingleWire ou BiWire  | 50,0 m

Disponible avec la SÉRIE16 Cu Crimp prises bananes creuses, cosses de câble, WBT 0610 Cu, WBT 0661 Cu ou WBT 0681 Cu.

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AUDIO 06/16 AUDIO 6/2017- test verdict "very good"

" ... and here we especially listened to the playback of voices. That had format. Where other cables seem slightly anemic, the Series 12 mk2 presented singers made from flesh and blood - and especiall with the right amount of lung capacity. With Luciano Pavarotti, the sun literally was rising."

Silent Wire LS12 mk2 - hifitest.de hifitest.de 04/2017

"Conclusion: The cables of the series 12 are solidly processed and always made excellenty good contact at all connections. This enabled the silent Wire connections to present many details that might otherwise had been lost. The Series 12 mk2 cables are good partners for any high quality system." Philipp Schneckenburger

einsnull  HIFI einsnull 5/2016 - Silent WIRE LS 12 mk2

"The Silent WIRE LS 12 managed to produce a more detailed reproduction, which would have been lost when using different cables. The Silent WIRE Series 12 cables are good partners for any high quality hifi-setup."

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz STEREO 11/2013 - LS 12 mk2

"With the Silent WIRE LS 8 the music immediately sounds a lot more relaxed, natural and multi-faceted. Soundwise, the mk² Version of the Silent WIRE LS 12 went another step forward !"

stereo logo11/07 - TOP !

"The Series 12 plays well balanced, open, dynamic and  tightly controlled with a distinctly natural timbre and plausible spaciousness. The rather small difference compared to the twice as costly LS 16 make the price of EUR 500 appear as a bargain."

stereoplay stereoplay  10/09

Silent WIRE LS 12 - Sound: „good“ - Sound increase: plus 8 points

hi-fi9-2009-1 hi – fi 9/09 - Recommendation !

"…soundwise close to the large top conductors.  It sounds precise, clear, without any trace of shrillness."

STEREO 05-2009 STEREO 5/09 - Professional class !

"The LS 12 delivers credible dimensions as well as intensive timbres to the sound stage. Especially flow, tonality and above all the energy balance stand up compared to many competitors that are less consistent in this area. The dynamic abilities of this cable are similarly thrilling like that of the LS 16 and 32."