First class engineering skills and craftsmanship are at the core of HighEnd products of Silent WIRE. Silent WIRE cables are produced at special customers' request in Germany. It takes time to do such a thing well: thus we reckon that it will take about three weeks to produce an SERIES Imperial cable. As product piracy poses a growing problem we have taken preventive measures: as from our SERIE 32, every customer receives a certificate confirming the genuineness of the product, that means the employee that made the product, the quality controller and the dealer guarantee the quality and the origin by their names. However, our products not only convince the consumer, even worldwide renowned Hi-fi- and HighEnd manufacturers trust in the quality and know-how of Silent WIRE. In the area of OEM we co-operate with Sonavis (Revox), Voxativ, Finite Elemente, Rainbow and Phonar for example. Via internationals of distribution such as Bowers&Wilkins (France), ALEF (Russia) and JADIS (China) Silent WIRE reaches almost two thousand millions of music lovers.