A power cord for high-grade hifi-systems. With 3x 2,5 mm² conductor cross section made of OF copper and heavily shielded.

The matching socket comes with filter (AF) or without (A).

800032160 | AC 8 Powercord  | 1.0 m
800032161 | AC 8 Powercord  | 1.5 m
800032162 | AC 8 Powercord  | 2.0 m
800032159 | AC 8 Powercord  | 2.5 m

Fitted with the SERIES 16 AC plug.

Press commentaries:

stereo logo STEREO 5/2007 - cable set: NF 8, AC 8 and LS 8

"Charming – fluffy and full middle-tones with gentle, but radiant highs. If one had to name a prominent quality of this set from Silent Wire, it would be the inner tonal coherence without artificiality."

homevision  Homevision 12/2007

"Cocnlusion: 5 of 5 points ... the gain is clearly hearable. Especially when the power cable supplies the signal source with energy …"

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz  Stereo 5/2009

"Conclusion: This cable recently got an upgrade by being able to equip it with Silent Wire's own gold-plated plugs. For the assembly silver solder is used in addition to the screwing. The effect: the musical recital becomes reassured and organized, structure and dynamics are improved, flow and transparence are increased."

hi-fi9-2009-1  hi-fi  9/2009 - very good !

"Verdict: … audibly very well and very detailed.  Transparence and dynamics are significantly increased. Clear recommendation ! Value-for-money: outstanding !"