Although the NF 33 Ag is the smallest cable in the Ag-Series, it performs at the same high standard as that of the NF 44 Ag and the NF 55 Ag with an outstanding value for money.

Before making delivery, all designated cable-sets are ‘burned in’ on specially designed material conduction equipment, and following the successful high-frequency ‘burning-in’, cable-sets are once again demagnetised.

As a matter of course, each customer receives a certificate which verifies, not only the authenticity of the cable, but also documents the serial number of the cable together with the signature of its assembler and the technician.

330033006 | NF 33 Ag, RCA  | 0.6 m
330033008 | NF 33 Ag, RCA  | 0.8 m
330033010 | NF 33 Ag, RCA  | 1.0 m
330033306 | NF 33 Ag, XLR  | 0.6 m
330033308 | NF 33 Ag, XLR  | 0.8 m
330033310 | NF 33 Ag, XLR  | 1.0 m
330033100 | NF 33 Ag, Phono Cable  | 1.0 m
330030010 | NF 33 Ag, SME to RCA  | 1.0 m

Fitted with WBT‘s 0110 Ag or Neutrik XLR plugs.
WBT 0152 Ag or Furutech® FP601 R XLR available at an additional charge.

Press commentaries:

stereo logo  STEREO  5/11 – Heaven's Gate !

"What wins a lot of sympathies for the smaller series Silent Wire cables, namely offering an appealing combination of resolution and richness and not forgetting the 'attack' needed for listening pleasure, that's how the NF 33 Ag comes into full flower."

stereoplay  stereoplay 12/11

"In the listening test, the NF 33 Ag first cut an impressive figure as connector between Preamps- and Amps,  as well as between the sources and Preamps of the stereoplay reference equipment. Our testers very rarely were presented with such a well-defined sound pattern."

Sound : „very good“ Value for money : „very good