The new SERIES 8 Cu cable is a high-grade speaker cable with 8 single solid-core strands, each with 0.5 mm² cross section. From a rechnical perspective, 0.5 mm² are the optimal solution for the conductor surface of a single solid-core strand. You will find only few speaker cables in this price category that deliver such a clear and crisp sound.

Your specialist dealer can supply the LS 8 Cu cable assembled to your requirements.

800000801 | LS 8 Cu, black, 8x 0.5 mm² | 2x 1.0 m
800000802 | LS 8 Cu, black, 8x 0.5 mm² | 2x 2.0 m
800000803 | LS 8 Cu, black, 8x 0.5 mm² | 2x 3.0 m
800000804 | LS 8 Cu, black, 8x 0.5 mm² | 2x 4.0 m
800000850 | LS 8 Cu, black, 8x 0.5 mm²  | 50.0 m

Press commentaries:

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz STEREO 11/2013

"With the Silent WIRE LS 8 the music immediately sounds a lot more relaxed, natural and multi-faceted."

stereo logo STEREO 11/2008 - Outstanding!!

"More favorable offspring of the top-of-the-range cables. Presenting a homogeneously-balanced and delicate as well as powerful presentation."

homevision 12-2007  Home Vision 12/2007 - best value for money !

"… soundwise the LS 8 is one of the balanced, pleasantly sensitive connectors. A safe investment in the long run. Comprehensible sound improvement."

stereo logo STEREO 5/2007 - cable-set NF 8, AC 8 and LS 8

"Charming – fluffy and full middle-tones with gentle, but radiant highs. If one had to name a prominent quality of this set from Silent Wire, it would be the inner tonal coherence without artificiality."

haute-fidelite-logo haute fidélité 11/2008 - Test winner !

"…neatly finished and soundwise very detailed speaker cable with a very moderate price tag. Wonderfully smooth highs and literally impressive speed with splendid tonic note."

STEREO 05-2009 STEREO 5/2009 - advanced class !

"…very harmonic, well-balanced - lively and vivid sound, without excessive increase in a certain frequency band. 2 x 3 m cost EUR 400,-. That is a quite attractive price tag compared with the competition."

hi-fi9-2009-1 hi – fi 9/2009 - Recommendation !

"Small brother of Silent WIRE's Series 16, keeping the tone colour of it's large siblings and when it comes to precision it is even on par with them."