A first class speaker cable made of 16 single solid-core conductors, each with 0.5 mm² cross section. For this cable we use pure OF copper. Fitted with SERIES 38 Ag Crimp hollowpins or spades. Needless to say that the LS16 Cu is also featured in STEREO‘s »Heavens Gate Class«.

161211219 | LS 16 Cu, black, 16x 0.5 mm², SingleWire or BiWire  | 2x 1.0 m
161211229 | LS 16 Cu, black, 16x 0.5 mm², SingleWire or BiWire  | 2x 2.0 m
161211239 | LS 16 Cu, black, 16x 0.5 mm², SingleWire or BiWire  | 2x 3.0 m
161211249 | LS 16 Cu, black, 16x 0.5 mm², SingleWire or BiWire  | 2x 4.0 m

Available with SERIES 16 Cu Crimp hollowpins or SERIES 16 spades.
WBT 0610 Cu / Ag, WBT 0661 Cu / Ag  or WBT 0681 Cu / Ag are available at an additional charge.

Press commentaries:

audio AUDIO 11/2019 - LS16 Cu
"Einige Hersteller kaufen das Kabelmaterial in Fernost, schrauben die Verbindungen dran und schreiben "Made in Germany" darauf. Nicht so Silent WIRE. Man ist besonders stolz darauf, das alles in Deutschland entsteht ... Klanglich ist es ein Geheimtipp: Das Kabel bringt Spaß und Musikalität in die Kette, kostet zudem nicht übermäßig. Sehr fair, sehr gut."  Andreas Günther

Audio 11 2019 LS 16Cu steckbrief

image hifi image hifi 06/2013
…the LS 16 mk² is - without a doubt - a fine thing! With a classy cable system from Silent WIRE you will get an almost priceless pleasure gain."

stereoplay stereoplay  11/2012 - LS16 mk2 - Test Winner !
"Bottom line: Fascinatingly clean, teasing and well hearable. It transmits even smallest rhythmic ramifications. Test winner in the class of speaker cables up to EUR 1.000."

stereo logo STEREO  4/2012 - LS16 mk2 !
"… fluent timing, the highs are smooth and the musical energy is better focused."

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz STEREO  11/2006 Heavensgate !
"THE speaker cable in the class up to Euro 1.000, that is how many dealers and customers describe it. The LS 16 has to be counted one of the Top cables of it's guild. As one of the best of it's class, anyway."

stereo logo  STEREO 5/2007 - cable set NF 16, AC 16 und LS 16

"Silent WIRE's LS 16 clarifies that it makes sense to look over the rim of a tea cup with regard to cables. Dimension, charisma, expression and precision were audibly improved. The other test candidates weren't able to reach the same level. And that's a fact, dear readers, without a matter of taste."