A High-purity copper strand composition provides the foundation for this outstanding headphone extension based on the NF 7 mk2.

262200300 | NF 7 mk2 Headphone Extension 6.3 mm  | 3.0 m
262200301 | NF 7 mk2 Headphone Extension 6.3 mm  | 5.0 m

Equipped with Neutrik NP3X-B plug and NJ3FC6-BAG female jack.

Press commentaries:

einsnull  einsnull 3/11 - Preistipp !
"Bottom line: … the NF 7mk2 really squeezes out a bit more sound …"

hifitest   HiFi Test 3/11 - Klangtipp !
"Bottom line: … the Silent WIRE Series 7mk2 clearly and replicably enhances sound details, that would else have fallen by the wayside. A real recommendation for the ambitious music lover."

lp   LP 3/13
"Nice - the NF5 already offers a very fine resolution and does not remain short in delivering dynamic sound and 'blackness' of the background. The NF 7mk2 on the other hand has a bit darker timbre, but delivers in total a more conclusive, more complete impression - it is just more balanced musically."