For the Silent WIRE SERIES 8 Cu Bi-Wire Adaptors we use premium 24k gold-plated binding posts and 24k gold-plated Silent WIRE screw type bananas. The LS 8 Cu speaker cable - which has scored 'outstanding' results in various tests - serves for the inner wiring.

Each output is made with 25 cm of the LS 8 cable (where 18 - 20 cm remain visible), together with grey shrink tubing as markings for plus and black shrink tubing for minus.

Upon completion the adaptors are demagnetised and are then submitted to a 48 hour 'burn in'-procedure.

800010505 | SERIES 8 Cu, Bi-Wire Adaptor  | 4x 0.20 m

Press commentaries:

stereo logo  STEREO 12/2013 - Bi-Wire Adapter „Serie 8“ - TEST BI-WIRING ADAPTER

"... The SERIES 8 adaptor, in combination with third-party cables, once again produces a larger and deeper spectrum than the "universal" adaptor, emphasizing nuances in the middle. In combination with the single-wire LS 8 by Silent WIRE, the sound pattern became much more spatial. The perfect complement to the LS 8."