With our new PREMIUM (PH-217) phono stage we offer you the high-end entry for your phono equipment.

Special features of the PREMIUM (PH-217) phono preamplifier:

- The PREMIUM uses low-noise, high-end audio dual op-amps.


PH-217 Rückseite

Further features:

- Balanced inputs - why:

  • MM and MC systems are symmetric sources
  • many turntables with (RCA) RCA output can be connected symmetrically with a symmetrical adapter cable.
  • less noise with balanced connection
  • No parallel RCA input to the preamplifiers, since this would worsen the susceptibility. (open input = antenna)
    (Turntables that can not be connected symmetrically, are connected with a cinch to XLR adapter and the inputs switched to unbalanced connection.)

- Separate input networks for MM and MC operation
   enable easy system change. Previously set input capacitance and input resistance
   are adopted when switching between the MM / MC inputs.

- Adjustable MM input capacity from 25pF to 600pF.
   Input resistance = 47 kOhm

- Adjustable MC input resistance from 40 ohms to 1000 ohms.
  Input capacity 25-40 pF.

- Symmetrical input amplifier built with low noise operational amplifiers
optimized for audio applications and with low-noise resistances.

- DC coupled signal path with offset compensation at the output
  = no signal interference due to capacitors and transformers in the signal path.

- 2-stage RIAA equalization network, especially suitable for audio applications,
 1% KP foil capacitors and 0.1% resistors.
 The use of KP capacitors ensures the least possible negative influencing
 on the audio signal. With the small tolerances of the components the best
 possible compliance with the RIAA equalization curve is achieved.

- A powerful, multi-regulated and filtered power supply
  provides for the strong and clean supply of the amplifier channels. In addition, the Supply is filtered separately for each channel and thus the mutual influence is reduced.

Der PREMIUM phono stage is available with black or silver front face.