For our Silent-WIRE SERIES 33 Ag Bi-Wire adaptor we only use high-quality WBT-0703 Ag terminal posts in conjunction with WBT-0610 Ag Bananas. The inner wiring is exlusively composed of cables from the latest Series and is built without losses in cross-section.

On the input side, one ferrite ring per each access line is mounted inside the casing.

For the benefit of a steadier spatial sound the inner casing is being filled with silica sand. Every adaptor is also tagged with a serial number and a 3D label.

The adaptor is exclusively suited for connections between speaker cables and speakers.

The output is built with 25 cm cable of the respective Series, of which 18 - 20 cm are visible. The output channel is marked with grey shrink tubing for plus and black shrink tubing for minus.

The connection for the WBT-Bananas or the WBT-cable shoes is being pre-made with silver-plated wire-end sleeves.

330003007 | SERIES 33 Ag, Bi-Wire Adaptor | 4x 0.20 m