With the Reference Ag speaker cable, Silent WIRE sets the bar even higher and shows that even in this class sound increases are still possible.

For the Silent WIRE LS Reference Ag Bi-Wire Adaptor we only use high-end WBT-0705 Ag binding posts and WBT-0610 Ag bananas. On the input side, a ferrite ring is installed in the interior of the housing, one per connection line.

On the input side, one ferrite ring per each access line is mounted inside the casing. For the benefit of a steadier spatial sound the inner casing is being filled with silica sand. Every adaptor is also tagged with a serial number and a 3D label.

The adaptor is exclusively suited for connections between speaker cables and speakers.

The output is built with 25 cm cable of the respective Series, of which 18 - 20 cm are visible. The output channel is marked with grey shrink tubing for plus and black shrink tubing for minus.

The connection for the WBT-Bananas or the WBT-cable shoes is being pre-made with silver-plated wire-end sleeves.

After completion, the adapters are demagnetized and run for 48 hours.

640006400 | SERIES Reference Ag, Bi-Wire Adaptor | 4x 0.20 m

Equipped with WBT-0610 Ag angled bananas