A speaker cable that created a furore: Only a few cable manufacturers have been as successful as Silent WIRE with its LS 32 in this price category. The LS 32 Cu is one of our best speaker cables with 32 single solid-core strands, each with 0.5 mm² cross section made of pure 8N OF copper. It is cross-connected and comes with a special sand filling.

320211219 | LS 32 Cu, black, 32x 0.5 mm², SingleWire or BiWire  | 2x 1.0 m
320211229 | LS 32 Cu, black, 32x 0.5 mm², SingleWire or BiWire  | 2x 2.0 m
320211239 | LS 32 Cu, black, 32x 0.5 mm², SingleWire or BiWire  | 2x 3.0 m
320211249 | LS 32 Cu, black, 32x 0.5 mm², SingleWire or BiWire  | 2x 4.0 m

Fitted with SERIES 16 Cu Crimp hollowpins.
WBT 0610 Cu / Ag, WBT 0661 Cu / Ag  or WBT 0681 Cu / Ag are available at an additional charge.

Press commentaries:

AUDIO 06/16 AUDIO 12/2018- test verdict "outstanding"

"Redaktion: ... Anyone who stands in front of it, takes the dimensions of a garden hose into the hand - there is no roomier cable in this test field [...] someone wants to play in the highest high-end class. And Silent WIRE does with this cable. The yield of fine, dynamic information was immense; everything sounded stress free and exemplary sovereign."

Audiogramm Silent wire LS 32 mk2

 Silent WIRE LS 32 - hifitest.de 06/2018 hifitest.de 6/2018 - LS 32 mk2

"A real recommendation for the most discerning music lovers, who care about the finest details and who are happy to accept an additional investment.Michael Voigt

hifitest tv hifi  HiFi Test TV-HIFI 3/2018 - LS 32 mk2

"…In the hearing test, the Silent WIRE LS 32 mk2 is able to shine through exact spatial imaging and a touch of more fine dynamics than other audiophile speaker cables. A small but subtle difference that gives every music the final accolade and teases the maximum potential out of high-quality hi-fi components. A real recommendation for the most demanding music lovers who care about the finest details [..] ." Michael Voigt

image hifi 2/2017  image hifi 2/2017 - LS 32 mk2

"…expecially the example with the new B&W 800 D3 showed, how much of an impact for example the Silent Wire Bi-Wire speaker cables (LS 32 mk2) have towards a more open, streamlined and finely tuned sound."


image hifi  image hifi 6/2013 - LS 32 mk2

"…the LS 32 mk² definitely loosens the handbrake in respect of fine dynamics and emphasis in the depth tone range! With a classy cable system from Silent WIRE you will get an almost priceless pleasure gain."

hifi records  hifi & records 4/2013 - LS 32 mk2

"…produces a calm sound pattern, without loosing any vividness. It discreetly abstains from tempering with the sound event."

stereo logo STEREO  11/06 - Heaven's Gate !

"One of the Top cables of it's guild. You will be able to enjoy your equipment to the fullest. Without dynamic breaks - just the full bandwith. The LS 32 is one of the best speaker cables. Even more in it's price class."