The best loudspeaker cable in the SERIES Ag.

To ensure a minimum of manufacturing tolerance, all cables in the Ag-Series are produced on a specially prepared extruder under clean room conditions. Before making delivery, all designated cable-sets are ‘burned in’ on specially designed material conduction equipment, and following the successful high-frequency ‘burning-in’, cable-sets are once again demagnetised.

As a matter of course, each customer receives a certificate which verifies, not only the authenticity of the cable, but also documents the serial number of the cable together with the signature of its assembler and the technician.

880000001 | LS 88 Ag, Single-Wire  | 2x 1.0 m
880000002 | LS 88 Ag, Single-Wire  | 2x 2.0 m
880000003 | LS 88 Ag, Single-Wire  | 2x 3.0 m
880000004 | LS 88 Ag, Single-Wire  | 2x 4.0 m

Fitted with WBT-0610 Ag or WBT-0661 Ag / 0681 Ag