The LS7 speaker cable is the perfect match to our NF7 mk2. 4x 2.5mm² OF copper 0.07 multi-strand construction. This loudspeaker cable is, of course, Bi-Wire capable and delivers a fast bass, dynamic mids and silky highs.

770000701 | LS7, black, 4x 2.5 mm²  | 2x 1.0 m
770000702 | LS7, black, 4x 2.5 mm²  | 2x 2.0 m
770000703 | LS7, black, 4x 2.5 mm²  | 2x 3.0 m
770000704 | LS7, black, 4x 2.5 mm²  | 2x 4.0 m
770000750 | LS7, black, 4x 2.5 mm²  | 40.0 m

Available with SERIES16 CU Crimp hollowpins or spades.
WBT 0610 CU, WBT 0661 CU or WBT 0681 CU are available at an additional charge.

Press commentaries:

stereoplay  stereoplay 5/11 - value for money: „very good“

"Bottom line: … the Silent Wire LS 7 lined itself up in the front row, the timbre seemed very natural and it provides a clear outline in the bass area."

einsnull  einsnull 3/11 - best value for money !
"Bottom line: … the LS 7 really manages to squeeze that little bit more sound from the speakers…"

hifitest   HiFi Test 3/11 - sound tip !

"Bottom line: … the Silent Wire Series 7 enhances sound details in a clear and replicable way, that otherwise would have fallen by the wayside."