Treated with a special cryo-technology, the SilentSocket Reference is filled with special quartz sand and weighs 3.2 kg (5 Sockets) or 4.1 kg (6 sockets). The housing consists of 13 mm thick aluminium. The inner leads are made of high-grade oxygen-free copper. The contacts are manufactured from
gilded phosphor bronze.

An additional innovation is that you can decide, by using the low heat device on the Power Input Socket,  at which level the Reference Ag Power Bar should perform. For example, the Reference Power Bar when used with an AC 8 Cu powercord performs in the same way as the “old” Silent Wire Power Socket Series 32.

640064011 | SilentSocket Reference Ag with 5 Sockets
640064012 | SilentSocket Reference Ag, with 6 Sockets

Press commentaries:

image hifi  image hifi 6/2013

"…löst nochmals die Handbremse. Spürbar mehr Feinzeichnung, Fluss und Mikrodynamik. Nachdrücklich empfehlen wir diese Netzleiste als besonders klangfördernde Maßnahme."

hifi records  hifi & records 4/2013

"…calms the sound in a very pleasant way. At the same time, the timbres are rendered more unadulterated."

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz  STEREO 1/2010 -„Superleiste !“

"Five slots with parental controls are nothing special for a power strip, unless they are extra heavily gilded, also provided with gold-plated phosphor bronze contacts and in an extremely massive body, filled with quartz grains of various grain, 6.4-pound 13-millimeter aluminum housing accommodated. The inner wiring is made of silver, in addition, the bar is treated cryogenically. And in the matter of river, sovereignty and structure up to detailed resolution, the five-piece strip, costing around 850 euros, in fact sets an unmistakable positive embossing stamp on the sound picture."

lp   LP 3/2010 - „Luxuriös verteilt !“

"It does not look like it, but it weighs over 3.2 kilograms: Silent Wire with the "reference" makes his most significant statement in terms of power distribution on the market. The 850-euro luxury power strip consists of 13 mm thick aluminum profiles, the plug-in contacts made of gold-plated phosphor bronze, the OFC inner wiring is also used in the company's own premium speaker cable. For more sonic potential, a filling with quartz crystals and a special low-temperature treatment have been given to this power strip."

stereo logo  STEREO 6/2013 - Unter Passiv-Lösungen ein Star!

"Connecting The Power Socket reference and two AC 33 Ag power cords further disrupted the spectrum, adding tone to the lusciousness. It was just "more detail". Everything seemed more opulent, yet at the same time more orderly and refined."