Dynamic and speed are the two characteristics of the AC 12 Cu. It is the ideal choice for all kind of music.
By using the SERIES 16 AC plug, you‘ll sit in front row of your concert hall.

The matching socket comes with filter (AF) or without (A).

120034165 | AC 12 Cu Powercord  | 1.0 m
120034166 | AC 12 Cu Powercord  | 1.5 m
120034167 | AC 12 Cu Powercord  | 2.0 m
120034168 | AC 12 Cu Powercord  | 2.5 m

Fitted with the SERIES 16 AC plug.


Press commentaries:

Silent Wire AC12 mk2 - hifitest.de hifitest.de 04/2017

"Conclusion: The cables of the series 12 are solidly processed and always made excellenty good contact at all connections. This enabled the silent Wire connections to present many details that might otherwise had been lost. The Series 12 mk2 cables are good partners for any high quality system." Philipp Schneckenburger

einsnull  HIFI einsnull 5/2016 - Silent WIRE AC12 mk2
"The AC 12 managed to produce some more details, which would have been lost when using other power cables."