Silent WIRE shows that it ist possible to produce high-end cables »handmade in Germany« for less than 100,- Euros. For the NF 5 we use our SERIES 16 RCA plug. It features a triple screening that ensures an optimal transmission. High purity copper with a silvering ensures the melodiousness in the high range.

500002606 | NF 5, RCA  | 0.6 m
500002607 | NF 5, RCA  | 0.8 m
500002608 | NF 5, RCA  | 1.0 m
500002613 | NF 5+, XLR | 0.6 m
500002614 | NF 5+, XLR | 0.8 m
500002615 | NF 5+, XLR | 1.0 m
500002610 | NF 5 Phono, RCA, with ground-wire  | 0.6 m
500002611 | NF 5 Phono , RCA, with ground-wire  | 0.8 m
500002612 | NF 5 Phono, RCA, with ground-wire  | 1.0 m

Equipped with our SERIES 16 RCA plug.


stereo logo  STEREO 11/2015 - Silent WIRE NF 5 Phono cable

"After connecting to the VPI the sound stage immediately became a lot more spatial, relaxed and genuine in the timbre."

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz STEREO 11/2013

"With the Silent WIRE NF 5 the music immediately sounds a lot more relaxed, natural and multi-faceted."

hifi-test-1-08  HiFi Test  1/08 - Best value for money !

"We strongly suggest: you should immediately get rid of the thin wires, that were included with your HiFi-components free of charge. A premium cable almost effects miracles and can significantly upgrade the enjoyment of music. And such a cable doesn't have to be expensive: for as low as incredibly cheap EUR 70 the Silent Wire NF 5 provides a significantly better level of sound for your HiFi- or Home-Cinema setup."

stereo logo  STEREO 4/08 - Test winner !

"...sound-wise the Silent WIRE NF 5 took the lead by far. With this cable the music sounded downright homogenic, clean, spacious and vivid likewise. It really was a class apart from the next best cables."

hi-fi9-2009-1  hi-fi 9/09 - Recommended

"… the NF 5 sounds open and sophisticated. In this price range it is already equipped with upmarket, clampable RCA-plugs. An explicit recommendation."

lp    LP 3/13

"…the NF5 already offers a very fine resolution and does not remain short in delivering dynamic sound and 'blackness' of the background."