Dynamic and speed are the two characteristics of this socket. It‘s the ideal choice for all kinds of music. By using the SERIES 16 AC plug, you‘ll sit in front row of your concert hall.

120064020 | SilentSocket 12 Cu, 6 sockets  | 1.5 m
120064021 | SilentSocket 12 Cu, 8 sockets  | 1.5 m
120064009 | SilentSocket 12 Cu, filtered, 6 sockets  | 1.5 m
120064010 | SilentSocket 12 Cu, filtered, 8 sockets  | 1.5 m

Fitted with the SERIES 16 AC plug.


AUDIO 08/18 AUDIO 08/2018 - AUDIO-Recommendation "workmanship"

"Here, Silent Wire has donated its own Series 12 mk2 AC cable [...] It goes into a power strip, which distributes the power over a solid solid copper plate to the sockets. The outer shell is made of aluminum, which flatters the hands. Immediately one gets the feeling that the highest values have been combined here - also handmade in Germany. What also explains the price: A whopping 480 Euros Silent Wire wants for the model with six slots. That's a power word. With the sub-message: Without the right financial expense, a perfect power supply is not available. She should be worth it to us." Andreas Günther

Audio EMPFEHLUNG Silent Wire Silent Socket 12 mk2 08/2018