The SERIES 5 cable is a high-grade speaker cable and consists of 4x 1.5 mm² strands. It is covered with PUR and is the ideal choice for home installation. You will find only few speaker cables in this price category that deliver such a clear and crisp sound.

500010500 | LS 5, white PUR coated, 4x 1.5 mm²  | 100.0 m
500010502 | LS 5, white PUR coated, 4x 1.5 mm²  | 2x 3.0 m single-wire with banana plug

Press commentaries:

einsnull  einsnull 3/10
"Bottom line: … for speaker connections it is essential to have low impedance, high flexibility, mechanical stability and especially well-contacting plugs. The LS 5 satisfies all these needs, is comprised of 4 x 1.5 mm² copper strands and precisely fitting copper-beryllium banana plugs."

hifitestpreistipp hifitest  HiFi Test 3/10 - Preistipp !

"Bottom line: … clearly replicable sound gain. Higher stability and precision and should absolutely be checked out."