The KV α is available now - please ask your Silent WIRE dealer for information!

The KV α  is the top-Model of our new high-end headphone amplifier range - 100% Handmade in Germany.

The KV α convinces with an uncompromising, completely linear internal structure made of high-end components, a galvanically separated power supply in a separate housing and a complete Silent WIRE AC Reference mk4 / NF 32 mk2 series internal wiring. The result is an absolutely detailed, natural and airy sound stage, putting the KV α on the absolute top list of headphone amplifiers.

KV alpha

As with our power conditioners, our headphones are fully customizable on customer request (at extra cost). This applies both to the housing design (for example, the housings can be painted in all RAL colors) as well as to the internal cabling. Just ask your dealer for an offer for a device custom-made to your needs.* 

The housing of the KV α is delivered as standard with a high-gloss chrome-plated front plate.

kv alpha 05kv alpha 06

input impedance:

output impedance:

frequency response:


supply voltage:

idle power:

47 kOhms

0,03 Ohms

0 Hz – 300 kHz (-1 dB)

+10 dB

+/- 12V to +/- 20V, 500 mA

250 mA

input voltage:

max. power consumption:

output voltage:

output current max.:

output power max.:

ripple quality @ 50 Hz:

230 V AC, 50 Hz

35 W

+/- 14 V

800 mA

23 W

> 10 mV

power consumption:

power output @ 16 Ohms:

power output @ 32 Ohms:

power output @ 150 Ohms:

power output @ 300 Ohms:

ca. 11,5 W

1,5 W

0,8 W

0,2 W

0,1 W



width x depth* x height (w/o feet)
                                    (/w feet)
* incl. rear connectors

width x depth* x height (w/o feet)
                                    (/w feet)
* incl. rear connectors 
   & volume knob front

217 x 308 x 90 mm
217 x 308 x 110 mm

217 x 320 x 90 mm
217 x 320 x 110 mm

Weight Amplifier:
Power Supply:
ca. 4,40 kg
ca. 4,04 kg

- Specifications subject to change without notice -

* In case of individualization wishes, the delivery time can be significantly extended depending on the effort involved.