With this handmade entry-level power cord Silent WIRE makes it clear, once again, that high-grade cords don‘t have to be unaffordable. The AC5 features three OFC conductors, each with 2,5 mm² cross section.

500015410 | AC 5 Powercord  | 1.0 m
500015515 | AC 5 Powercord  | 1.5 m
500015620 | AC 5 Powercord  | 2.0 m
500015725 | AC 5 Powercord  | 2.5 m

Press commentaries:

homevision  Homevision 12/08

"Verdict: ..the result: Instruments and voices sound more precise and at the same time softer than with simple cables. So you'll get a vivid corporeity, that makes it possible to imagine how the artist would appear down from the stage…"

einsnull  Einsnull 3/10 - outstanding !
"Vedict: …the AC 5 does not only blatantly obvious outperform the usual accessory-cables, but also strikingly clear its class-mates."

hifitestpreistipp hifitest  HiFi Test 3/10 - Best value for money !

"Verdict: Exchanging cables does not have to be based on Voodoo or psychology - ideally it is rather based on  pure physics. At least that is the case with the Silent Wire AC5, NF4 and LS5: a clearly replicable gain soundwise at a very reasonable price tag. A reasonable invest, that definitely pays off - you really don't need 'more' cable."