„The Power Plant“ is a Power Conditioner,  available in 3 different standard variants. But that's not enough for us: all the devices individually are custom built by hand in Germany. Every optical and technological variants can be combined together. Almost everything is possible. A real innovation!

High End Conditioner „THE POWER PLANT“ SERIES High End with parallel filtering. Fitted with our SERIES 33 Ag inner cabling. It features a highly effective potential equalization through a clean star-grounding and has a shielded and damped casing.

Suited for devices with 230 V/50 Hz up to 2000 W / 10 A and is naturally RoHS and CE - compliant.
Variants with 16 / 20 A  and up to 4500 W power consumption are also available. 


  • Custom-built, with individual setup!
  • internal wiring with waveguide technology
  • conductor material: Silent WIRE SERIES Ag special alloy
  • Rhodium-plated Power outlets
  • highly-efficient potential equalization through clean star-grounding
  • Phase-control lamp
  • 2-core main switch
  • additonal external ground clamp
  • gold-plated copper terminal
  • shielded and damped casing
  • surge protection
  • Internal double current protection
  • dynamic-friendly capacitor damping
  • excellent high frequency filters
  • parallel, two-way filtering
  • elimination of digital returns
  • passive DC compensation
  • special unit bases for elimination of impact noise disturbances


dimensions:   width 435 mm x depth 290 mm x height 90 mm (w/o feet) - 110 mm (with feet)     - 5 sockets            
                          width 435 mm x depth 290 mm x height 126 mm (w/o feet) - 142 mm (with feet)   - 8 sockets

Variants:          polished Titan-Gold front plate - 5 or 8 sockets (rhodium-plated)

kraftwerk SERIE highend 5 8

240024005 | Conditioner SERIES High End | 5 sockets
240024008 | Conditioner SERIES High End | 8 sockets
240024020 | Powercord High End

Press commentaries:

STEREO2010 rot-schwarz  STEREO 2/2016 - Silence is golden …

"Almost the ideal type of an excellent mains filter. Not the slightest hint for any kind of dynamic bottleneck. The musical intensity in the recitation of sound material clearly increases. Since it is also individually and modularly customizable for the customers needs, the Silent WIRE Power Conditioner „Power Plant“ can hardly be rated highly enough."