For the NF 6 mk2 we use a single conductor. The design features Teflon® spacers embedded in a Teflon® sheathing. Despite it‘s rather small cross section, this cable is capable of delivering impressive sound characteristics.

600021064 | NF 6 mk2, RCA  | 0.6 m
600021084 | NF 6 mk2, RCA  | 0.8 m
600021104 | NF 6 mk2, RCA  | 1.0 m

Made with FURUTECH® 162 G 24k gold plugs.

Press commentaries:

homevision  HomeVision 12/07 - Test winner !

"Dynamic structures are broken down more clearly by the NF-6, it gets to the heart of the timbres and it broadens the width and spacial depth of the sound stage."

STEREO 05-2009  STEREO 5/09 - Advanced class!

"…the bass was reproduced firmly, albeit not as forceful like with the NF 8 and the „bigger“ cables from the likable northern lights."

hi-fi9-2009-1  hi-fi 9/09 - Empfehlung

"…great cable with a well-balanced, vivid sound pattern, as we already are used to from other Silent WIRE cables."