In the mid-1990s, Philippe Muller, creator of the Passavant studio, acquired an old farmhouse which he meticulously rebuilt for the sole purpose of making natural and pure music recordings.

This unique site at the foot of a hill on which stands a medieval village surrounded by an old town museum and church offers an incomparable tonal background for recordings of the highest quality.

The aging dry walls of the farmhouse, the wood-burning oven and the relaxed and peaceful ambience create an atmosphere in which musicians can find the necessary tranquillity and inspiration to give perfect interpretations.

But that’s not all: The studio possesses a STEINWAY Model D Concert Grand Piano. It responds in such a sensitive and placid fashion that it demands of the person playing their wide-ranging proficiency and stretches their abilities to the full. Even though it is the same piano, it sounds different on every recording. Find out for yourself!

The recordings are made using a number of microphones arranged in a semi-circle to give a type of multi-channel stereo. This is done according to the “Direct Soundfield Recording” technique which makes a direct comparison between the playing of the musicians and enhances and fine-tunes the reproduction through the loudspeakers. The European Commission and the ‘Pays du Doubs Central’ give additional support to this research project.

The results are unique, bringing the concert directly into your living room.

The CDs are available exclusively from your Silent Wire specialist dealer.

PAS2252»Arias de Mozart«
Géraldine Casey
PAS 2252

PAS2252»Arias de Mozart«
»Un récital de Siheng Song«
Siheng Song
PAS 2182

PAS2252»Suites de Bach«
Philippe Muller
PAS 2122

PAS2252»Piano à quatre mains«
PAS 2092

PAS2252»Clementi - Gradus at Parnassum«
PAS 2102

PAS2252 »Noël - Choeur Contraste«
PAS 2082

PAS2252»Homage to Bach«
Elisabeth Balmas
PAS 2012

PAS2252 »Live in passavant«
Maxim Saury & Michel Crichton
PAS 2032

PAS2252»Mozart : sonates, variations et fantaisie«
Bernard-Paul Reynier
PAS 2022